Yorkshire Feedstuffs Ltd was established in 1996 as an independent commodity trading company with a view to
supplying animal feedstuffs into the pig, poultry and ruminant sectors of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

We have grown year on year and trade many commodities from many UK ports including:

New Holland

In 2006, we bought a bespoke plant in Goole to produce bypass proteins for the ruminant sector and specialist feedstuffs for the poultry and pig sectors.

Our production plant is at the heart of our business, producing high specification feed to the UK market. It is a computer-operated, modern plant with a highly trained team. This enables us to produce leading and advanced hi-tech feeds for an ever-changing market.

We manufacture for all sectors of the agricultural market and supply a large number of national businesses a variety of bespoke and speciality feeds. We continue to develop new industry-leading products providing our trade customers with a cutting edge range of superior feeds.

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